National Health & Physical Education Celebrations

National Health & PE Day 2012

National Health & Physical Education DayTabloid Sports Carnivals is excited about the inaugural National Health and Physical Education Day to be held Wednesday 5th September! The day is an initiative from Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), and provides an occasion for schools to celebrate the importance of health and physical education.

TSC is a long-time advocate of the importance of active and healthy living for all students, and the role of physical education in the school curriculum with the personal and developmental benefits it brings.

We are pleased to have the 5th September and adjacent days of the week booked, with schools celebrating National Health & PE Day by choosing a Tabloid Sports Carnivals event.

  • In Victoria, Reservoir Views Primary School is doing a teamwork session challenge with their 4/5/6 students on the 5th. And on Friday, we have a large group of of 3/4 students for the Upper Yarra Primary Schools Sports Association organised by Andrew De Visser, one of our most loyal and creative clients.
  • In New South Wales, Narromine PS has booked the 5th for a whole school event. TSC are always happy to travel!


We can’t wait to come to these schools to celebrate National Health & PE Day, and congratulate them for getting involved!