Tabloid Sports Carnivals

  • The Original Tabloid Sports Carnival

    Program One – flexible, active, creative and fun

    Students participate in a tabloid sports carnivals program which moves them through a series of novel activity stations. They are divided into groups and emphasis is placed on everyone being actively involved.

    Each tabloid station has equipment designed to stimulate a variety of skills including those common to modified and traditional sports. We encourage teamwork, good social skills and offer a positive experience for those students who consider themselves both ‘non-sporty’ and ‘sporty’ as the participants challenge themselves.

    Our tabloid sports carnivals programs can be modified to suit the needs of the school; it usually lasts about three hours – including a break. We can cater for small groups or the whole school together.

    • Educational Sports Carnivals works within physical education guidelines using motivating, safe, novel equipment catering for all age levels.
    • Educational Sports Carnivals  provides skills for learning beyond the classroom.
    • Gender and age inclusive and integrated program.
    • Modified programs available.
    • All prices includes GST.

    If you are interested in the original Tabloid Sports Carnival program, please contact us online now.

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